• Image of Infused liquid salts
  • Image of Infused liquid salts


Xcambó® Salt is the ideal solution for those who wish to add salt to their food but worried about having too much sodium. If you are keen to reduce the sodium in your diet, our liquid salt provides part of the solution
However you use salt, now you can spice up your meals with a healthier mineral balance and enhance the natural taste of your food! Xcambó® Salt is handcrafted, with all natural ingredients, offering a great salty flavor while containing 90% less sodium. Our liquid salt is accompanied by minerals and trace elements in an optimal ratio, which facilitates their assimilation in your body. 
Unlike other salts, now its possible to spice your meals with a light stroke; the recommended serving is 3-6 sprays for optimal seasoning, using one-tenth the amount of sodium.
Finishing salt for culinary use and exquisite taste.
Natural balance and vital mineral blend.
Enhances natural flavor and texture.
No anti-caking or bleaching agents.
Reduced sodium salt alternative: 90% less sodium than regular salt!
Regular Salt = 780 mg sodium per 1/4 tsp.
Liquid Salt =29 mg sodium per spray.

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